A graduate from L’Ecole Supérieure des Arts Modernes in Paris, Arnauld de Petiville worked during 10 years for two Parisian architectural agencies, where he shaped his style and sharpened his technique. His experience led him to create his own interior design agency in 1990.  Throughout his career, he has developed French and international customers who trust his professionalism and creativity.

His projects convey functionality and fluidity. These become timeless and relevant along with  their original features. The harmonious conjunction of architecture and decoration leads to the staging of a personal, chic and original universe, where luxury and elegance stand alongside with simplicity and sophistication.

His universes merge in a both contemporary and chic context, following an eclectic and  artistic direction. He chooses to pick and mix exclusive pieces from different eras and styles from the 50’s through the 21th century.

While revisiting furnitures of times and styles he cherishes, he adds his personal touch and designs furniture with the best French savoir-faire. He defines himself both as an actualist and a sentimental.